Il grupo di consulenti Italtronic si mantiene in costante aggiornamento per migliorare le nostre aree di servizio, con speciale attenzione al gioco On Line Latinoamericano.

Lettura consigliata.

L’articolo: “La regolarizzazione del gioco online in America Latina: vincoli e opportunità“. Da parte dell’autore: Rafael Andrés Alvez.

È possibile trovare una sintesi al Recreativo direttamente o acquistare il numero completo dal negozio online della propria Magazine Arazandi.

For the sake of qualifying our team with consistent information for the III Iberoamerican Gaming Summit in #CDMX, the Italtronic consultants are very interested in the study of the current normative and conditions of the gaming market in the American Continent, specifically related to the Spanish speaking markets, because of their relationship with Spain, where we enjoy of a far-reaching experience developing strategic and commercial projects for the sector.

In regard to the pulse of online gaming in Iberoamerica, among some bibliographic references, we highlight the reading of  Revista Arazandi (Arazandi Magazine, a quarterly publication), on its permanent section dedicated to Gambling Law, belonging to editorial Thomson Arazandi, which counts with a collaboration agreement with CODERE.

In particular, within their sections written by specialists on the subject, we stop at the 50th edition of Sports and Entertainment Law, integrating an interesting article signed by a lawyer who is an expert on legal services for sport and entertainment and entitled: The regularization of online gaming in Latin America: Constraints and Opportunities.

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Following, the data sheet:

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  • Series: Gambling Law. CODERE Foundation.
  • Editorial: Thomson Arazandi
  • Name of the publication: Revista Arazandi
  • Frequency of publication: Quarterly since 2008
  • Autor: Experts on gaming legislation
  • Edición: 50
  • Author of the article we recommend: Rafael Andrés Alvez
  • Article: The regularization of online gaming in Latin America: Constraints and Opportunities.
  • Pages where the item is written: 573-588
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We share a synopsis of the article:

The author of this article analyzes the new legislation to legalize gambling in Brazil, incorporating the cases of Argentina and Mexico, as well as the conditions with which the development of online gambling in Latin America is being put together. Puts focus on prospects that give impetus to the new regulations, following the expectation of major sporting events to be played in American courts as the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and the Centenary of Copa América.