Opportunities for gaming businesses.

Strategic Advisory, Mergers and Acquisitions

We accompany the gambling companies in the elaboration of their strategies, analyzing the sector in a transversal way and offering accurate benchmark data. We identify and evaluate opportunities to know where to invest and what to acquire.

Market follow-up from start to finish.


Our knowledge of the gambling industry and their operators allows us to be of help to companies that want to find new marketplaces and distribution channels. Our success stories in different regions endorse us.

Promovemos el valor y el crecimiento de las compañías de juegos.


Our expert consultants in the gaming sector will analyze the processes of your company to identify the possibilities for improvement. Analysis and periodic monitoring to improve the results is our commitment.

Seguro de productos y operaciones para reducir riesgos.

Guarantees and

We have signed agreements with the main operators that allow us to offer your company the best options for insurance to guarantee your assets, as well as licensing procedures and renting operations in the gambling and betting industry.

International experience in the gaming sector

Expert consulting in gambling companies

Italtronic Gaming Consultants Associated is a multidisciplinary network of strategic consulting professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the gambling and betting sector, working with important Italian, Spanish, Latin American and international companies from all areas of activity.

Solutions and Winning Strategies
for a Dynamic Market that Bets

We create value for partners and shareholders, helping to find the necessary dimension through mergers and acquisitions, purchases and sales of gaming companies.

We offer consulting for the following areas of the gaming sector:

◎    Slot (AWP)
◎    Lottery
◎    Video lottery (VLT)
◎    Casino
◎    Bingo
◎    Bet shops
◎    Recreational halls
◎    Sports forecasts
◎    Family entertainment centers
◎    Slot machines manufacturers
◎    Gambling content and software developers
◎    iGaming
◎    Online poker and casino


More than 20 years
of experience

We offer financial, management and operational benchmark,
as well as guarantee and renting instruments
that generate value to the different business lines of gaming.

Why Italtronic?

We have a deep knowledge of the gaming sector in international markets, both in its land-based and online modalities, as well as the operation of its business lines from each type of game, the roles that interact in the sector network as well as of the most cutting-edge regulatory frameworks and technologies.


As part of our professional activity, we consolidate important links between institutions, regulators and entrepreneurs to promote the solvency, maturity, responsibility, vision and transformation capacity of the gaming industry, constantly tested socially, administratively and financially.


The integrity and compliance of responsible gaming, the capacity for dialogue and participation in the legislative debate around the regulation of the game are essential to operating competitively within a regulatory framework that defines the formulation of successful business models and projects.


The Italtronic Gaming Team

We provide our clients with a broad base of knowledge as specialized analysts in the gaming business, in a flexible and reliable manner. As a multidisciplinary and experienced team, we focus on solving complex problems that require advanced specialization in areas such as finance, accounting, sales, marketing, strategy and economics adapted to the singularities of the sector.

"We provide our clients with a broad base of knowledge as business analysts of gaming in a flexible and reliable manner, adaptable to each consulting project."

Mariapia Marsico

We know the evolution of the sector, its behavior and requirements in terms of regulation, regarding administrative, accounting and taxation, as well as the great passion and commitment of entrepreneurs and managers of entertainment complexes, bingo, betting, online, manufacturers of slot and video lottery machines, software and content, betting shops, casinos, etc.

"Gaming industry certainly uses random as an asset, but should never leave decisions to chance. The strategy puts incertitude in checkmate.®"

Mario Brescianini

Our consultancy for gaming companies emerged to help our clients face the risk of uncertainty through strategic planning measures that offer a clear map of the most effective actions in the cost-effect relationship, standards, controls and best practices.

"The experience of managing the strategy and providing rational solutions to the gaming industry is not the aftermath of chance, but rather a consequence of the vision supported by experience.©"

Ramón Monrós

The partners of Italtronic Gaming Consultants Associated have been immersed in different areas of the gaming and betting sector for several years; We have also been part, from different regions, of the regulatory bodies and defenders of this industry that motivates investment, employment, and economic benefits.


We work to solve the challenges of companies in the gaming sector