Product Development.

We assist our clients in market analysis for the creation of new concepts and games, making sure that their advertising complies with the regulations and standards in relation to responsible gaming.

Operation and Marketing.

We advise on administrative, strategic and commercial management so that casino operators carry out their activity in a profitable, competitive and sustainable manner, within their corresponding regulatory framework.
We also offer advice on improvements and security in collection procedures, anti-fraud and anti-money laundering measures, ensuring the overall economic performance of your company, accounting and taxation appropriate to each game.

Standards and Licenses.

Our promotion of strategic relationships, dialogue and positive exchange within the sector, offers us a wide vision to advise you in the management of complex requirements, in compliance with different legal provisions as well as for the obtaining, renewal and variations in the licensing characteristics of operation of casinos.

360º consulting for the gaming sector

We accompany casino operators throughout their entire process. From the exploration of the market to establish commercially attractive premises, develop products that meet the guidelines of responsible gaming, manage activity licenses until negotiations with the authorities for the competitive regulation of the sector

Guarantees Management.

We manage the guarantee guarantees prior to the effective exercise of the operation of bingo machines for registration in the records of the competent authority, depending on the type and number of machines to be exploited.

Likewise, we advise you in the preparation of the documentation as operator of recreational machines for correct authorization, installation, validity and legality, applicable in case of inspections.