Fintech Colombia

Having as a guest country to Kenya as a miracle of financial inclusion in the world and having as a special guest Kevin Amateshe (Product Manager of M-PESA), Asopostal makes this magnificent event in which the financial authorities of the country met in addition to the most important financial entities of colombia, on the other hand the networks or postal agents did their thing, the occasion was not for less because Movil Red one of the operators of its kind in the country launches the first SEDPE (Specialized Society in Deposit and Payments) within the framework of the recently issued financial inclusion law that will allow the most vulnerable sectors of the country to open bank accounts with very low costs or most of the costs with zero cost and through the deposits made in them to pay their personal accounts and with it build a financial history that allows you to access nano or micro credits, with this the country seeks to include sectors highly vulnerable that are subject to unscrupulous lenders who place credit with rates that are around the nominal 40% per month.

For its part COLOMBIA ITALTRONIC FOCUS as representative of CAJEROS VNE in Colombia makes a sample of its low cost ATMs that would allow these new companies to place technological solutions in the most remote parts of the country, in fact this type of devices would allow you to save in processes and optimize the operation since the margins of these services are extremely narrow, without a doubt machines like the ROYAL CASH in its two versions or the PLUS VNE could bet a lot in this sense, CAJEROS VNE through its representative seeks to bring to the country thousands of machines like these that can be located in areas of high traffic such as shopping centers, universities, mass transit stations and residential complexes, RAMON MÓNROS of Italtronic SL states that the devices can be adapted to multiple tasks and that even the solution It can be tailored to the needs of customers.

Already in Colombia there are postal operators or agents that have several pilots of customized devices operating to serve mainly money orders but due to the high costs it has been impossible to atomize and have a high capillarity of the machines Colombia italtronic Focus prepares a model in which could be in two or three ways to put hundreds of machines like these in the country, logistical and operative issues of provesión of the tellers is something in which networks have some level of experience since they have had to build it to raise their current operation in corner or own points of sale and although connectivity could be a problem for remote areas of the country Density Networks strategic partner of Italtronic provides a GSM solution that allows the device to connect to the network with greater conversion regardless of whoever, what would allow operators to have a single mobile data operator without distinction from the country where the ATM is located.

These low cost ATMs will undoubtedly improve the quality of life in all regions of the country, will allow networks of different sectors such as drugstores, currier, hospitals, universities and even super market chains and mini markets, a service that generates income with its installed capacity, we hope that Mónros will be able to start with the first pilots in the coming weeks with entities that have shown great interest, the balance is highly positive and we hope to contribute to the development and growth of the sectors served by CAJEROS VNE.