Comercial Development

Marketing, foreign trade, public relationships and commercial representation for the gambling sector
  1. Analysis of the products and their suitability for the chosen market.
  2. Verification and, where appropriate, description of the necessary modifications to comply with the specific regulations of the country.
  3. Definition of the commercial and marketing strategy.
  4. Identification and definition of agreements and contracts with the local companies necessary for the development of the project.
  5. Preparation of a country budget and monitoring of the march, also confronting it with Benchmark data.

The knowledge of the markets and their operators, allows us to be of help to companies that want to find new distribution channels

Some achievements of our Commercial Development Department

This method of work and dedication of our professionals, have allowed achieving remarkable successes, as in the AM Trust implementation through the insurance Broker CICOR in Italy, reaching a volume of insurance contracting insurance in the Italian market, which in its second year exceeds 60 million euros; or, contributing with ZITRO in the definition of its distribution strategy in the Italian market and hiring the main operators, thus achieving a rapid positioning in the AWP segment

Commercial Development Services for Gaming Companies

  • Planning of the management and business development model for gaming companies in all phases of the realization of business projects.
  • Definition, development, implementation and monitoring of commercial strategies to achieve concrete results, sustainable growth and profitability.
  • Generation and monitoring of key performance indicators.
  • Consulting for the optimization and improvement of gambling and betting products.
  • Marketing, promotion and advertising actions for the gambling industry.
  • Start-up of customer service and support channels.
  • Design of customer loyalty programs.
  • Recruitment and training of sales forces.
  • Leadership for sales teams and commercial representation in congresses and fairs of the gaming sector.
  • Consulting on foreign trade and logistics.
  • Distribution and commercial representation of brands and products at an international level.