Presentation of the Annual Report 2015 by the DGOJ, the Gambling Authority in Spain

The Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ), chaired by Carlos Hernández Rivera, published a few days ago its most important study on the Spanish gaming market, which includes offline and online channels: Gaming in Spain Annual Report 2015, where relevant information on the activity of the subsectors of the gaming industry is collected (Casino, Betting, Lotteries, B Machines, Bingo, Online and others) with the participation of administrations, institutions and business associations that provide data pursuing the following objectives in a joint exercise:

  1. To inform the society of the great annual financial figures of our sector.

  2. Turn it into a tool for the general diffusion of its importance and weight in the Spanish economy.

  3. Present it as an instrument to analyze and assess gambling status and evolution.

  4. Observe the result of various government policies that drive to achieve the great general interests that deep gaming regulation, in its various forms, aims.

As a synopsis of the 2015 study, the director of the DGOJ explains:

Recovery is consolidated with a positive evolution “to reach 33.396,17 million in estimated amounts played, representing 11.57 % more than in 2014, and a margin of 8.134,28 million euros, 7,18 % more than in the previous year.””.



Cantidades jugadas y margen del juego en España


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Amounts played [icon name=”icon-money”]

State’s online game [icon name=”icon-up-open”]
Represents 25,64% of the total
Amounts played of 8.562,71 million euros
30,44% more than in 2014
Game margin of 319,59 million euros
25,59% more than the previous year

It has also evolved positively in amounts played and game margin:

State public lotteries ( with an increase over 2014 of 3.70% and 3.43% respectively).

Land based casino (a 10,09% and a 9,27% more than in 2014)

Land based Bingo (a 4,24% and a 1,46%)

“B” Machines (an estimated increase of 4.50% in amounts played).


The image shown below corresponds to the distribution segment and the next, outside the game, according to the study by the DGOJ for the year 2015.

Game distribution margin by segment 2015

Subsectors of Game in Spain


Game Contribution Margin by segment 2015

Game Margin in Spain 2015


Among other things, reference to the work of the DGOJ as a public body is also made: “2015 was again important for us because it has been the closure exercise of the legislature in which we were born and raised as a game controller state level”.


Therefore it highlights the following actions over the last year:

  • Completing the process of reopening the market that was agreed in 2014 and concluded in mid- 2015 with the award of 25 new general licenses.
  • Entry into force of regulations gaming machine gambling and betting cross.
  • Starting the web portal , page information and dissemination of responsible gaming.
  • Publication of the first edition of the Report of the Online Player, which is the materialization of the success of the control model and collaboration between the Directorate General and operators that has been implemented, not without much effort one and other, following approval of Law 13/2011 for the game regulation.
  • Strategic Projects Address: Royal Decree of Commercial Communications of gambling activities and Responsible Gaming that “constitute an element of normalization of activity of the game as a whole, online and onsite, public and private, and for that reason not only benefit citizens but also to the industry in general and, secondly, to the Study of Prevalence, Behavior and Characteristics of Users of Gaming, whose conclusions are expected to be published in the current year and is set to become a valuable instrument that will serve us all levels of government and industry players to deepen the knowledge of our business and the best design of our protection policies and corporate responsibility.”


In this link you can download the Game Annual Report 2015 of the DGOJ.