Guarantees and renting

Insurance guarantees for the gambling industry

We are agents of the main insurance companies. We advise you on how to guarantee the legal and formal obligations imposed by gambling laws to protect your funds and those of your clients, stipulating the warranty obligations.

Prior to the issuance of opening licences for the registration and operation of recreational machines and other gambling and betting, Governments require guarantees from operators on the terms, the rules and amounts to be laid down by regulation.

In the event of insolvency, gambling businesses that operate with players’ funds must establish clear terms and conditions as well as protocols of action in the event of insolvency.

In the current economic climate and with the new regulations imposed by the European Central Bank on all the banks in the area, it is essential to provide undertakings with financial instruments to discharge credit or collateral registered in the central risk center, such as:

  • Bond insurance contracts
  • For the guarantees to be presented to the Administration
  • For obtaining business licenses
  • Renting financing systems for instrumental assets necessary for the development of the activity.

Our Guarantees and Renting Services

Analysis carried out by economists specialized on the financial and patrimonial situation of the company.

Study of the possibilities of improvement in terms of lower bank exposure and identification of the financing system most suited to your production cycle.

We study and customize the offer to offer you the best coverage for your gaming company.