How we work

Our mission as a consultancy
for the gaming industry is clear

We advise gambling and betting companies for the sake of strengthening them
to face global complex scenarios.

Our functions as expert consultants in the gaming industry

We provide our clients with a broad base of knowledge as business analysts of gambling and betting in a flexible and reliable manner, adaptable to each consulting project; Focusing on solving complex problems that require advanced specialization in areas such as finance, accounting, marketing, strategy and economics, as well as applying techniques, fundamentals and administration values.

Skills to perform high quality consulting

Our communication skills and teamwork, coupled with an attitude of close arrangement, as well as our values ​​of honesty and hard work based on trust, let us build bridges with our clients in order to open a dialogue focused on the understanding of the concepts and strategies that we will be ascertaining together for the optimization of the company. In the first place, we activate a lasting and profound change for senior management level, which, after intensive training to understand the prevailing objectives, provides the means to disseminate clear reasoning and sensitivity, pervading the work assigned to other management and operational areas.

Preparation and proven track record in the field

With our combined experience in the industry and in other markets, either as senior partners in Italtronic or as team leaders at other companies and associations close to the gaming industry or at administrative agencies too, we have built the specific skills required, business acumen and ranges of capabilities for the sake of facing everyday industrial and administrative challenges. In like manner, we are able to counsel clarifications for those situations that require critical management expertise because of their reactive nature, compromising the fluid performance of your organization and its operations, causing costly problems and internal conflicts. During these strifes, our dedication helps the human capital of your company to restore the organization stamina, plan, find the factors that generate losses and restructure comprehensively, to address sustainable solutions.

How do we carry out our consulting activities?

Our responsibility as advisors is to solve the problems that our clients expose us.

Once the commitment has been acquired and the mutual conditions of collaboration are clear, we approach your leadership team in sessions of reflection and exchange of ideas from your discipline, either in your facilities or remotely, to better understand your perception of the problem , collecting data that contribute to generate a business analysis to find the failures or areas of opportunity.

We approach each project from the most appropriate data measurement methodology and techniques to accelerate and deliver real results in the most efficient way.

During this first phase, we address these problems in a generalist manner to provide an integral diagnosis. From the analysis, and having located the main objectives, one of our associate senior consultants is assigned as project leader, either because of their experience with certain symmetry or because of their clear mastery of the professional function required to solve the challenge.

The other associates complement the work of our partner (s), whether conducting market research, meeting the requirements, efforts to obtain licenses and other regulatory aspects, putting in order the conditions and management guidelines, participating in the approaching the client and its operating environment or collaborating with our specific knowledge of core business or drawing global strategies that bring us closer to solutions that add value and differentiation to your company at the highest level of quality.