Italtronic Focus Colombia

Italtronic expands its operations in Latin America

As a result of the networking carried out in previous years, Italtronicestablished a headquarters in South America to base its operations: Italtronic Focus Colombia.

New Markets

Italtronic has extensive experience in global markets, being of vital importance the pulse with which it has worked its position to represent the interests of its customers in the different regions that make up the global gaming market.

Sede central de Italtronic Focus Colombia

Calle 96 # 9A-30 Oficina 201. Bogotá  – Colombia
Centralita Colombia: +571 744 8582
Maidy Lorena Ocampo
Gerente general Colombia
Leidy Giraldo
Desarrolladora de negocio
Cel: +571 312 5598219

Links with LATAM

Our senior consultants have participated in the most important events about the game and its regulation in Latin America, such as the Ibero-American Gaming Summit, thus opening the way to the network of operators and legislators in this secto

Feasibility and Risk Reduction

Our position in the region represents real opportunities for the companies and brands with which Italtronic works because they come with a viable project and a solid strategy.


We generate value

We work with important international companies
across all areas of activity in the gaming industry.

Start your gaming business in Latin America

Let us be part of your project as a specialized and recognized consultancy in the gaming business in Latin America; aware of the scope, limitations, risks and legal basis of each country.

Ensure a very active commercial dynamic for your project, with a strategy and defined objectives, prior to the disembarkation of your products and services.

Italtronic Focus Colombia is part of the Italtronic Gaming Consultants Associated Group, maintaining its processes and customer service with the same professionalism.

    • Recreational Halls
    • Slot Machines (AWP)
    • Video lottery (VLT)
    • Lottery
    • Betting Shops
    • Horse Racing Bets
    • Casino
    • Bingo
    • Sports Bets
    • iGaming

The regulation of gambling in Latin America is characterized by its heterogeneity between countries and some governments are still working to shape the establishment of laws to offer a competitive legal framework.

As expert gaming consultants, we will help you understand the regulation of each Latin American country in order to obtain the best benefits and a smooth operation in a growing market

Estrategia y análisis M&A con empresas de la zona o inversión internacional.
Desarrollo comercial de gama de productos y contenidos de juego atractivos para el mercado latinoamericano.
Asesoría para negocio de juego online en Latinoamérica.

Authorized Distributor of the following companies in Latin America:

  • Money changing machines and payment terminals.
  • Cash control and management systems.
  • Automatic payment solutions for commercial cash flow.
  • Ticket change and payment machines for the gaming sector.
  • High density Wi-Fi for casinos, hotels and shopping centers.
  • Business Intelligence.
  • Big Data to obtain metrics on visitor behavior.
  • A wide range of products for the gambling and betting sector.
  • Bingo machines, New Slot and Video lottery (VLT).
  • Online Gaming and Betting Shops.

Some reasons why it is attractive to invest in the gaming business in Latin America:

Linguistic-Cultural Link

Sharing similar cultural roots implies understanding also when doing business, not only for the common language but also for the values, the reduction of costs and the facility to establish a connection. There is a mutual interest to form business and investment links.

Demographic Development

The economies of the emerging countries in Latin America are growing and represent a pool of human capital focused on services as well as a sufficient volume of clients. In addition, positioning in the region opens up opportunities to revitalize the gaming industry with new products and a young and dynamic player profile.

Strategic Market

Latin America represents a strategic niche for Foreign Direct Investment due to its potential and ease of ‘location’ that allows reaching the necessary dimension to compete with larger companies.

Interest in Innovation

In addition, the gaming industry begins to be perceived as a benchmark for industrial and digital innovation, which is why governments show interest in regulation to adapt to the global market. Many countries open their doors for the promise of job creation.

Tailor-made solutions for gambling and betting companies
Italtronic consultants want to advise companies in the gaming sector to find the assets, relationships, resources and necessary means that allow them to define and complete their objectives in a specific and competitive way.