Product Development.

As independent consultants, we help you in the analysis and selection of technology and contents, the organizational, technical and financial development of projects, investment and market analysis, as well as to understand the bidding processes and licenses to operate lotteries in international jurisdictions.

Marketing and Capitalization.

We carry out technical, marketing and commercial plans so that lottery operators, whether private or belonging to the State, achieve their business objectives and financial performance. We support you in the development of sales teams as well as business training.

Standards and Licensing.

Implementation of business and viability plans, standardization processes of practices and quality, as well as analysis for private companies interested in bidding, acquisition and obtaining licenses for the operation of lotteries in different jurisdictions. We also perform independent consulting and audits to support companies and regulators of government entities.

360º Consulting for the sector of the game

Independent consultancy on the general and detailed aspects of the management, acquisition strategy, bids, exploration of the feasibility of privatization, commercial development, and guarantees necessary for the operation of the lottery business. Directed to both private investors and international regulators.

Guarantees Management.

We manage the guarantees prior to the effective exercise of the operation of machines for registration in the records of the competent authority, depending on the type and number of machines to be exploited.

Likewise, we advise you in the preparation of the documentation as operator of recreational machines for correct authorization, installation, validity and legality, applicable in case of inspections.