Gestional consulting

Cas a gestional consultancy specialized in the gaming industry we have developed our own efficient management system:
The main objective of our consultancy is to improve the performance of the company through the following actions::

The process of market concentration that the gaming sector is experiencing and the reduction of profit margins of companies, makes it essential to recover efficiency in the activity. Our consultants have thought of a management model, which, using the most widespread administration programs in the market and adding control systems, allow the entrepreneur to achieve the desired results.

Italtronic Gaming Intellgest® helps business managers of the game to have absolute control of the activity of the company with real-time information to make immediate and accurate decisions. That is, to have an intelligent business.
  • Information in real time.
  • Less theft and cash differences.
  • Collection when necessary.
  • Avoid unnecessary travel, lowering transportation costs.
  • Anticipate the repair of breakdowns.
  • Decide when the time has come to change a machine.
  • Improve management processes and reorganize staff.
  • Get to know your customers better.
Methodology of our management consulting service:

Analysis of the management instruments present in the company and study of the possibility of improving their use and suitability as a support for the reorganization of procedures. Introduction of new systems where there are none.

  • Reduction of collection differences
  • Streamlining collection routes
  • Replacing machines at the right times
  • Introduction, if not already present, of trouble-tiketing for technical assistance control
  • Design and development in real time of a reporting system
  • Efficiency indices controlled by our consultants with benchmark data.
  • Margins for improvement in business management.
  • Evaluation of the results.