Cumbre iberoaméricana del juego

The president of the Provincial Institute of Lottery and Casinos of Buenos Aires, Mr. Matías Lanusse, assumed as president of the new Board of Directors of the Association of State Lotteries of Argentina (A.L.E.A.), that will preside over the biennium 2018-2019.

In the Vice Presidency, Dr. Marcelo Ferraris confirmed his performance, by the Regulatory Body of the Random Game of Salta. While the 1st Vice Presidency, was assumed by Dr. María Emilia Bustos, for the Social and Financial Fund of San Luis. And the 2nd Vice-Presidency, by Dr. Carlos Barbato, for the Institute of Social Assistance of Chubut.


Dr. Martín García Santillán, assumed the position of Secretary for Lottery of the City of Buenos Aires S.E. and the CP Oscar Brugnoli, of Lotería Chaqueña, as Deputy Secretary. Lic. Josefina Canale assumed the Treasury, for the Provincial Institute of Games and Casinos of Mendoza.


It is important to mention that’s, with more than 40 years of experience, the Association of State Lotteries of Argentina (A.L.E.A.) brings together all the Organizations that regulate and control the leisure activity in the National Territory. As a non-profit entity, it has the strategic mission of positioning itself as an advisory, reference and training entity for the regulatory bodies of Argentina in matters of control, oversight, modernization and optimization of resources.