Online gaming

Product Development.

We guide our new clients to understand the development of online gaming business, from the planning of a cross-border investment and financial strategy to the proper operation of their technical platforms, taking into account the regulatory considerations of the jurisdictions where they offer their services.

Marketing and Capitalization.

Our commercial services include negotiation with other key agents for software agreements and licensing, e-commerce contracts, marketing and management plans to market their platforms and products in an organized and legal manner.
We analyze the barriers and entry conditions in the jurisdictions that interest you to define a profitable operating strategy and adequate to the different applicable regulations.

Standards and Licenses.

We help you delineate the Terms of Use, Privacy Policies and copyright licenses of your online gambling and betting website.
We advise and represent operators through processes and requirements of online gambling licensing procedures. We manage applications for operators and technological developers -hardware, software and content- in an agile and professional manner, based on our experience, knowledge and relationship with regulators.

360º consulting for the game sector

We actively participate in strengthening the competitiveness of the gaming sector, engaging in negotiations with representatives of different governments. We have participated in important events to advise on the regulation of online gambling in different countries, benefiting investment and cooperation between companies and government.

Guarantee Management.

We manage the guarantee guarantees prior to the effective exercise of the operation of machines for registration in the records of the competent authority, depending on the type and number of machines to be exploited.

Asimismo, le asesoramos en la preparación de la documentación como empresa operadora de máquinas recreativas para su correcta autorización, instalación, vigencia y legalidad, aplicable en caso de inspecciones.