Luzdey Ibarra


Business Development Consultant for Latin America

Expert in:
Financial Management and Marketing

Luzdey Ibarra Rangel

Career path

Financial Administrator specialized in Marketing with experience in the organizational, commercial and marketing areas, with skill and knowledge in the motivation of human talent. Suitable for project management, performance and implementation of ideas that carry out the development of solid corporate strategies to achieve efficiently and effectively the objectives of the organization.
Currently certified as Ontological Coach and Business Coaching, aimed at generating a process of personal and professional transformation, increase the power of action through the development of learning ability, skills of emotional intelligence, skills, creativity, leadership and effective communication.


Postgraduate course in High-Performance Sales in School of Executives (EDE), Spain 2007.
Economic and Financial Postgraduate in Lluís Vives Business School, Duration: 6 months. Spain 2006.
Master in Marketing Management and Commercial Management (GESCO) by the ESIC Business School, Duration: 1 year and 6 months of practice. Spain 2003-2004.
Postgraduate course of Stock Exchange, Polytechnic of Valencia. Spain 2001.
University Business Administration of Santander (UDES) Colombia. 1994-1999.


Expert Consultants in Gambling and Betting Industry
Italtronic Gaming Consultants Associated
Senior Consulant

Ramón Monrós

Expert in business management and strategic consulting, commercial development and guarantees for gambling companies.

Senior Consultant

Mario Brescianini

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José Ángel Fernández Siruela

Media consultant and organizer of important events in the gaming industry such as FEMARA Open Forum, Ibero- American Gaming Summit and Spanish iGaming Summit SiGS.

Senior Consultant

Daniel Riera

Economist and auditor. With training in Specialization in Money Laundering Prevention, Postgraduate in Bankruptcy Administration, Bachelor in Business Administration and Management; and Diploma in Business Sciences.

Italtronic Focus Colombia is part of the Italtronic Gaming Consultants Associated group. It is a consultancy based in Colombia for gaming companies that want to start investment projects and market their products in Latin America.

Senior Consultant

Luzdey Ibarra

Business Development Consultant for Latin America. Previously, General Manager of Italtronic Focus Colombia, the business delegation of the Italtronic Gaming Consultants Associated group established in Bogotá, Colombia to serve Latin American gambling companies.

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