Ramón Monrós

Socio Fundador de Italtronic Gaming Consultants Associated

Consultor Senior

Experto en:
Consultoría Estratégica
Desarrollo Comercial
Gestión de Empresas del Juego
Asesor de Caución y Renting

Consultor Senior y Socio Fundador de Italtronic Gaming: Ramón Monrós

Career path

Ramón Monrós has collaborated since 1989, until today, with Alfematic, of the CIRSA group. Founder of the company Comerç Internacional S.L dedicated to the development of FEC'S (Family Entertainment Centers) that is later bought by the Leisure & Gaming group and starts the expansion in Spain and other countries. Successively collaborates in the international expansion of the L & G Group (Casinos, Bingos, FEC'S, ...) and in the start-up of IAMC, the L & G group's recreational machine production company, which in 1995, after a market opportunity study, began production and marketing, also in Italy.

Founding partner of Italtronic Gaming Consultants Associated, collaborates with the SO.GE.MA Group SPA in the development of strategies and process optimization; with the Games Lodi group in its expansion in Tuscany, in the startup of its NET production company; with Prisma Engineering collaborates in the implementation of Konami products in the Italian market.

In the guarantees for gaming sector, Italtronic Gaming Consultants Associated initiates a collaboration with CICOR (insurance broker specialized in the gaming sector), which makes it possible to achieve a significant market share among the main operators (HBG, Cogetech, etc).

Other featured collaborations

With the Zitro Group in the definition of products for the Italian market and distribution support; with Proyesel SL, in the design of its business plan and obtaining the necessary permits for the production of machines in Italy and collaboration agreement with ELSY (Electronic System).
AM Trust initiates a collaboration for the expansion of this group's guarantee business in Italy by consolidating agreements with Cogetech, Snaitech, HBG Gaming as the most important groups among the Italian consolidated customer numbers.
In recent years and closely following the market concentration that is experienced in the Italian market, it actively participates in the group's strategies coming from a merger of smaller Italian operators (Betanslot) and participates in the design of the project and execution of Rete Gioco Italia represents an unprecedented success in the two years since its founding.
Many other collaborations in the Italian and Latin American sector, with clients in Peru, Colombia, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, as well as participations in the American Gaming Summit, guarantee a consolidated trajectory in the gaming sector.

Expert Consultants in Gambling and Betting Industry
Italtronic Gaming Consultants Associated
Senior Consulant

Ramón Monrós

Expert in business management and strategic consulting, commercial development and guarantees for gambling companies.

Senior Consultant

Mario Brescianini

Expert in corporate finance and strategy, business plans, and international operations as well as mergers & acquisitions in the gaming sector.

Senior Consultant

Mariapia Marsico

An expert economist in Corporate Appraisal. Consultant and administrator of several startups and gaming conglomerates in Italy as well as project auditing and regional representative of S.A.P.A.R.

Senior Consultant

Sander Hoogendoorn

Interim Manager and expert in the business development of online gaming and sports betting.

Senior Consultant

José Ángel Fernández Siruela

Media consultant and organizer of important events in the gaming industry such as FEMARA Open Forum, Ibero- American Gaming Summit and Spanish iGaming Summit SiGS.

Senior Consultant

Daniel Riera

Economist and auditor. With training in Specialization in Money Laundering Prevention, Postgraduate in Bankruptcy Administration, Bachelor in Business Administration and Management; and Diploma in Business Sciences.

Italtronic Focus Colombia is part of the Italtronic Gaming Consultants Associated group. It is a consultancy based in Colombia for gaming companies that want to start investment projects and market their products in Latin America.

Senior Consultant

Luzdey Ibarra

Business Development Consultant for Latin America. Previously, General Manager of Italtronic Focus Colombia, the business delegation of the Italtronic Gaming Consultants Associated group established in Bogotá, Colombia to serve Latin American gambling companies.

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