Proyección del Juego Online en España

On September 20, 2018 the event ” Proyección del Juego Online en España “, organized by Jdigital, was held in Madrid. On behalf of Italtronic was present the consultant Sander Hoogendoorn.

The first speaker of the day was Guillermo Olagüe, Deputy Director of Regulation of the DGOJ, who highlighted the main points of the agenda of the DGOJ. Apart from promoting a responsible and safe game offer, the DGOJ wants to promote the generation of a viable and innovative market. As an example, he spoke of the shared liquidity for poker with neighboring countries, which causes the online poker market to move in a positive direction. Also, a tax rationalization has recently been made, lowering the tax rate to 20% on GGR.

In the regulation panel where Esther Martín-Ortega of Betfair and Pablo Romá of ECIJA were present, they spoke about the opportunities of the tax regime for Ceuta and Melilla, where you can be entitles to a Corporate Tax cut and a reduced gaming tax of only 10%, provided the operator is actually based there. They also spoke about the new legislation around gambling publicity (Real Decreto sobre Comunicaciones Comerciales de las Actividades de Juego y de Juego Responsible). There seems to be a consensus that the new regulation in Spain is adequate, contrary to that of Italy which is considered too restrictive, and that applying this regulation could help to improve the image of the sector.

At the business panel, which was attended by representatives of William Hill, Betsson and R. Franco Digital, the importance of competition in the market was stressed because it drives innovation, which is why the current window of the DGOJ to request new licenses is considered positive. In addition, during the event it was pointed out that in the online market in Spain there is an important room for growth: the online market only represents 6% of the total gaming market in Spain. Compared with Italy, the GGR of online gaming in Spain is only half and, compared to the United Kingdom, this figure is just above 10%.