Recreational halls

Product Development.

In un settore così competitivo e dinamico, è necessario analizzare l’accettazione del mercato del mercato e la sua competitività, nonché le prestazioni economiche dei prodotti.

Marketing and Capitalization.

We advise and carry out commercial actions so that operators of recreational salons achieve territorial expansion, penetration of the market, the growth of their collection in profitable figures and projection of their business, even applying business models of the franchise type.

Standards and Licenses.

Our relationship of dialogue and exchange with the regulatory entities offers us a vision to advise you in the fulfilment of quality standards as well as to obtain operating licenses for recreational halls.

360º consulting for the gaming sector

We accompany the operators of recreational salons throughout their entire investment process, administrative, fiscal and accounting management. From the exploration of the market to establish a commercial model that generates competitive collection figures until negotiations with companies interested in the operation, distribution and exploitation of franchises. Likewise, we offer support and representation before authorities, to obtain licenses and dialogue for the competitive regulation of the sector.

Guarantees Management.

We manage the guarantee guarantees prior to the effective exercise of the operation of machines for registration in the records of the competent authority, depending on the type and number of machines to be exploited.

Likewise, we advise you in the preparation of the documentation as operator of recreational machines for correct authorization, installation, validity and legality, applicable in case of inspections.