Slot machine

Develomet of the products.

In such a competitive and dynamic sector, marketing analysis of market acceptance and competitiveness, as well as the economic performance of products, is necessary.

Operation and Marketing. 

We advise and carry out commercial actions so that the manufacturers of recreational machines sell, not only in their national scope but also they can develop their activity abroad.

Standards and Licenses.

Our relationship of dialogue and exchange with the regulators offers us a vision to advise you on the compliance of quality standards as well as to obtain licenses of operation of recreational machines.

Consultoría 360º para el
sector del juego

Acompañamos a los fabricantes de máquinas recreativas a lo largo de todo su proceso. Desde la exploración del mercado para desarrollar productos hasta las negociaciones con empresas interesadas en la operación, distribución y explotación como ante autoridades, para la obtención de licencias y diálogo para la regulación competitiva del sector.

Guarantee Management.

We manage the guarantee guarantees prior to the effective exercise of the operation of machines for registration in the records of the competent authority, depending on the type and number of machines to be exploited.