Strategic consulting and M&A

The current scenario of the gaming sector

Currently, the gambling sector is going through a phase of concentration in which the largest operators seek strategies to diversify their offer and at the same time grow through acquisitions.
Our strategic financial consulting services and mergers & acquisitions advisory for gaming companies are prepared to deal with the complex cross-border operations structures that characterize the industry.

For some products, such as prize-winning slot machines and video lotteries (VLT), the decrease in the collection and the compression of margins for the various segments of the value chain, impose a rationalization of costs and recovery of the efficiency also by economies of scale.

In this context, we would like to propose to your company’s service the experience gained in more than twenty years working in the sector with first-rate gaming companies, especially in Spain and Italy, helping to define a clear strategy for the creation of value and in carrying out the activities necessary to reach the objectives set.

Our Methodology of Strategic Consulting and M&A for the gambling and betting sector:

We want to build up a long-term relationship with you, founded on deep sector knowledge, confidence and reliability with a real impact on your balance figures.

Our work is not limited to the efficiency of a strategy and the definition of a plan. After these, we are engaged in working beside you to get the goals, also because our fees are strictly related to results!

Strategy and M&A Advisory Services

  • Benchmark with the most important operators in the sector and direct competition.
  • Industrial development plan aimed at creating value for partners.
  • Design of the budgetary system as a financial and business strategy.
  • Identification of potential companies for acquisitions.
  • Counseling in M ​​& A operations.
  • Follow up in business reorganization processes.
  • Advice in case of audits.
  • Adaptation of your company to the regulation changes in the gaming sector.
  • Tax consulting to help you navigate the tax aspects in different jurisdictions.
  • Analysis and due diligence for acquisitions of gambling companies.
  • Restructuring of debt.
  • International tax planning.
  • Organizational design, decision and responsibility levels.
  • Identification, monitoring and reporting of strategic financial KPIs.